CCS 201: Christian Theological Overview

CCS 201: Christian Theological Overview

This course is designed to guide students through an overview of the Christian systematic theology from the Christian views on the triune God, the Bible, the church, then onto the subjects of salvation, sanctification, the end times, and many other theories and doctrines that every Christian should study to have a solid foundation of the Christian faith.

Course Outline:

1.Introduction:What is systematic theology?
2.Who is God and how we may “study” God?
3.Revelation in the Bible
4.Why Jesus is the Son of God and Christ the Savior?
5.Pneumatology: Who is the Holy Spirit?
6.Ecclesiology: What is Christ’s church?
7.Eschatology: What is the end of the world and how
the new heaven and earth will begin?

Calendar for classes:

8 weekly 3 hour classroom meetings and group activities

April 14 – June 2, 2024,
Sunday afternoon 3:30pm – 6:30pm

Instructor: Dr. Patrick Lau